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Guitar Lessons

Welcome to the Music Matters service information page. I am the premier provider of lessons for GUITAR in Somerset West. My goal is to provide you with the best tuition and support. I teach children as young as [...] - Read More


In 2001, Kathy released her first CD “New Horizons” consisting of 13 of her own compositions. The CD was recorded and mixed at Farmyard Studio, Somerset West. The album is a mix of ballads, gospel songs and more up tempo numbers [...] - Read More


Kathy has performed since 1979 and has played and sung at countless restaurants, wine farms, corporate and private functions and weddings. As Kathy keeps herself very busy teaching the guitar, she is not able to perform as much as in the past [...] - Read More


Kathy has held annual concerts in which her students perform since Music Matters began. She has taken a collection at each concert and the proceeds have been donated to charities [...] - Read More

“When you are happy doing what you love, you've already won.When you do something with passion and perseverance, you are already a success. If you can earn your living from your passion, you will never have to work another day in your life!”